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Inside each of our students is a leader

School Policies

At Liwa International School for Girls our day to day work and practice is covered by policies. These are designed to secure consistency across the school and provide relevant information to all stakeholders, in particular parents and teachers.

The school is required by law and ADEC guidance to develop and implement certain policies covering such areas as safeguarding children’s welfare, health and safety, special educational needs etc. These policies are reviewed regularly and are all agreed and ratified by the Board.

Anti-Bullying Policy

Everyone has the right to feel safe all of the time.

Assessment Policy

Assessment is consciously designed to indicate/improve student performance.

Curriculum Policy

The Liwa International School for Girls curriculum reflects the values, needs, vision and mission.

Health, safety and food hygiene policy

The school is committed to ensuring the health, safety and well being of all students, staff and visitors to the school.

Library Policy

Our school library is designed to have a positive impact on student achievement

Safety Assessment Policy

We will do all in our power to keep the school environment safe

School Transport Policy

Our school buses will transport your children to and from school safely and securely

Uniform Policy (English)

The aim of the school is to have students dress with a school identity in a smart and presentable way.

Uniform Policy (Arabic)

You may download the Uniform Policy in Arabic here.

حماية الطفل

سياسة الحضور والغياب

سياسة السلوك الطلابي

سياسة حماية الطفل

سياسة قبول الطلبة وتسجيلهم وتوزيعهم

سياسة مشاركة أولياء الأمور وحقوق الأسرة

سياسة نقل الطلبة الى الصفوف الدراسية

سياية الرسوم المدرسية

Punctuality and Attendance - Reminders (Arabic)

Reminders to Parents regarding Punctuality and Attendance (Arabic)

Punctuality and Attendance - Reminders (Arabic)

Reminders to Parents regarding Punctuality and Attendance (English)

Acceptable Use of ICT Policy-Learner- Arabic

Acceptable Use of ICT Policy-Learner - English

LISG EAL Policy 2016 - Arabic

LISG EAL Policy 2016 - English



LISG SEN Policy 2017-18 - Arabic

LISG SEN Policy 2017-18 - English