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STEM programs and activities that encourage creativity and innovation.


Liwa International School for Girls is fully committed to ensuring our students have meaningful opportunities to regularly engage in STEM programs and activities that encourage creativity and innovation.

Each Fall our school hosts the popular school-wide STEM WARS competition for grades KG through grade 8. In the month preceding STEM WARS, classes are posed with a real-world problem that needs solving and students are tasked with imagining a practical solution. For six weeks students work with classmates to develop a project display and to perfect their prototypes. At the end of the six weeks, we celebrate each others’ hard work with a lively whole-school assembly where class projects are on display and students have opportunities to participate in interactive STEM activities. Class photos from this year’s STEM WARS event can be found below.


Every year our school highlights our students’ research and investigation skills in an annual science fair.

Students come up with a question related to real-world problem and are challenged to design an experiment following the scientific method to unlock the answer to that question.

Students work with the teacher and in teams of two to test out their experiment and collect data that is represented in graphs to communicate their findings in a display board that displayed at the science fair.