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Our students welfare

We offer a framework of opportunities and support that meets each Student’s unique needs, built on a foundation of core values.

Pupil Voice

Engaging pupils in the life of the school through decision-making, supporting activities or helping each other brings significant benefits. Children bring passion, energy and new perspectives to our work. It is for this reason that we have set up a Student Council. Each year group from Grade 1 upwards has two elected representatives on the Council. An election takes place each year for the Council and students participate in decision making about the learning environment, staffing and behavior.

Student Welfare

Liwa International School for Girls puts the welfare and happiness of all its pupils at the heart of everything we do. We have created a safe and loving environment for our students so that they can learn and develop socially and emotionally. In addition we have created a number of policies that underpin our work including child protection and safeguarding policies. We also have a full time social worker.

Student Health

We have a fully equipped clinic with medical facilities on our campus with a full-time qualified nurse. She is available for all basic medical matters including vaccinations, first aid and administering medication to students. Our nurse is a key member of staff.

Passion. Courage. Curiosity.

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